Electric Cars

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Q:  Why go electric?
A:-  No CO2, no carcinogenic pollutants, no exhaust gases

Q:  Where will I recharge my vehicle?
A:- Easy, at home, on the Wall box or Public charge points all over Ireland

Q:- How much will it cost me?
A:- It’s very affordable, the Kangoo Z.E. is available from €16,200 (includes government incentive).


4 SERVICE PACKAGES.To make Z.E. easy.
From 2011, Renault will offer a full range of services for the Z.E. range. These simple, practical packages will ensure you get the most out of your electric vehicle, before, during and after every trip. The Renault Z.E. range will be sold with services included (except for the Twizy).

electric range2

Infrastructure, Ireland

Critical to the take up of electric vehicles is the provision of the infrastructure and ESB, as the single owner/operator of the electricity distribution system is responsible for implementing the charging infrastructure across Ireland. It will be a comprehensive network of charge points with open systems and platforms accessible to all supply companies and all types of electric cars.
In March 2010, ESB installed the first on-street charge points in Dublin and they are now being deployed in other locations across the country. The target for the end of 2011 is:
• 2000 home charge units installed
• 1500 public charge points available across Ireland
• 30 fast charge points installed
Part of the process in buying an electric car is to register for charging so that drivers have access to public charge points and have a charge point installed in your home. Signing up is easy by filling out a form online.


Find out more about Renault’s electric vehicle range on our website www.renault-ze.com. You can even pre-reserve your Renault Fluence Z.E. or reserve your Renault Kangoo Express Z.E.